Cape Town Sunkissed Salsa Reggaeton Show 2016

Candela Jozi Dance Company is an Afro-Latin dance entertainment company comprised of dynamic dancers with an array of backgrounds and training. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, we also have team members in Tanzania, UK, Austria and beyond.

We offer commercial and private shows and also perform at local and international dance events and festivals. We offer masterclasses and workshops, bootcamps and specialised or private training and instruction. We also do flashmob, wedding and bespoke choreography.

Our shows demonstrate Afro-Latin dance entertainment at its best, and can be tailored for any environment or event. Book anything from a ten-minute feature samba show to a production, fusion or combination and we will entertain you!

Our dancers are accomplished in and can create dance entertainment packages including or themed around:

  • Different styles of salsa and street cha cha cha
  • Brazilian samba and funk
  • Bachata (various),
  • Kizomba (urban and traditional)
  • Reggaeton and hip-hop
  • Ballet, modern, contemporary
  • Tap
  • Burlesque
  • Classical Indian dance styles and Bollywood
  • Argentinian tango
  • African dance (various styles)
  • Belly dance
  • Latin & Ballroom
  • They're also great fun and awesome people!

We proudly support:

The Team

  • Catherine Peter aka SambaCat/MamboCat, Founder & Company Director, Dancer, Choreographer, Instructor
  • Leigh Rodgers, Co-Founder, Dancer, Choreographer, Instructor
  • Ryan Hill, Dancer, Choreographer, Instructor
  • Kelly Botes, Dancer, Choreographer, Instructor
  • Benon Muwonge, Dancer
  • Tessa Kerrich-Walker, Dancer, Instructor
  • Dominique Harris, Dancer
  • Maher Abdelhamed, Dancer
  • Pili Muñoz, Dancer, Choreographer, Instructor (Tanzania)
  • Tish Temper, Dancer, Choreographer (Austria)
  • Nuka Rajarathnam, Dancer, Choreographer, Instructor
  • Ezra Smollan, Dancer, Choreographer, Instructor